Information for Pregnant Women

8th February 2019

We have successfully guided many pregnant women, at different stages of their pregnancies, on our walks. We have also had several guides who continued to guide well into their pregnancies. As we don’t have detailed knowledge of your condition, it is hard for us to make any personal recommendations.

Some of our walks require a higher degree physical fitness and agility than others.

On our Flying Fox: Helihike there is a low to moderate physical requirement, but you would be flying in a helicopter and would have to accept any risks that this might expose you to.

The “Fox Trail” walk is up the river valley trail it require crossing small stream and some rock hopping depending on conditions of the day.

Fox It Up: Ice Climbing Adventure, Extreme Fox: Helihike and Chancellor Trips include wearing a harness, for your safety in case of a fall.

During all of our walks, clients will be crossing through terrain where there is an increased chance of slipping and or falling.  You must assess the risks relating to your personal physical and medical condition, before choosing a walk that you think is appropriate for you. You must be aware that Fox Glacier is 200km away from the nearest maternity hospital and accident and emergency department.

If you have any doubts on the day, you should discuss them with your guide and they will be able to help you make a decision. If at any time your guide has concerns about your ability to safely complete the walk, they may recommend you don’t take part or arrange for another guide to escort you back to town.

We are not trying to discourage you from walking with us, but you must be aware that it is you who will be responsible for accepting the risks to you and your unborn child.