Front of house/ Senior Barista

1st September 2019

Front of house/ Senior Barista

We are seeking a new Senior barista to join our team at the Fox Glacier Guiding Cafe !!

Key Tasks     Performance Standards

1.Customer Service

  • Waiting on customers dining inside and out
  • Providing excellent service and coffee
  • Create a fun and inviting atmosphere
  • Hold a current Bar Managers certificate
  • Helping the kitchen staff when time allows

2.Food purchasing and stock control

  • Assist with any food purchasing from suppliers.
  • Ensure control of food stock by using items prior to expiry or use by date and minimizing wastage
  • Ensuring that dated food is disposed of as soon as it is dated.

3 General

  • General tidiness to ensure kitchen and Café housekeeping are of high standards.
  • Clearing tables as soon as possible.
  • Doing dishes when time allows
  • Doing any reasonable task required
  • Personal grooming to be at the high standard
  • Have functional relationships with other staff members and promote team spirit
  • Completing daily checklists.
  • Provide training to new staff members

4  Staff functions

  • Assistance with organizing, preparing and serving food and drinks.

5. Guides lunches

  • Providing lunches as required.

6 Hours

  • Generally daytime hours
  • Staff functions as required.
  • Weekend work included.

Please send your CV to or post to PO Box 38 Fox Glacier